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This is our guide to help you in choosing/measuring your for dolls house curtains. We have an extensive range available in standard sizes, plus all our curtains can be made to measure. There are many dolls houses available, not only 1.12th, 1.24th, 1.16th sizes but you would be surprised just how many have 'odd' sized windows too!

Our curtains are made on a flat pelmet with hook and loop (Velcro type) tabs for extremely easy fixing and removal. The best way to measure for your 1.12th curtains as a rule, is to add on 1/4" each side of the frame, then 1/8" above the frame.....the length of the curtains from top of the pelmet to the hemline is your personal choice,

Swag effect with tied nets

Obviously for the smaller scales, i.e. 1.24th/1.16th,  the measuring would have to be scaled down to a size you would be happy with for the finished curtains.

Inside Bay Curtains - floor length

Our bay window curtains are fixed onto a flexible pelmet. The measuring for this needs to be done with a soft tape measure so you can measure from the beginning of the window recess, bending the tape as you go around the bay...to the other end of the recess. This will give you the overall width of bay curtains needed. As for the drop, this would depend on whether you want them to be floor length, sill length (if you have a window sill in your bay) or just below sill length. Again, your personal choice, however if you do have a window sill, floor length would obviously not be suitable. You would not need to add on the extra at the top of the pelmet...the measurements needed are from top of pelmet to bottom of curtains

Outside Bay curtains or Patio/French Door Curtains

Our outside bay curtains are measured across the opening of the bay recess, again, adding on the little extra each side, and at the top of the pelmet. These curtains are also used for the patio door curtains. If they are needed for this then the measuring is slightly different in that they would need to be higher in order for the doors to be able to open so do bear this in mind when measuring.

Dormer window size curtains

The measuring for the dormer window size curtains is the same principle unless they are going into a recessed dormer, in which case specific measurements need to be taken. Always best to measure twice to be sure!! The curtain needs to fit nicely....but not too tightly into the recess.


The measuring for blinds is simple...again, slightly over the size of the window   .  frame, from the top  of the window frame, then down the to where you are happy with the length, Our standard size is 2 1/2" long but again, all window frames are different!







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